The Healthy Home

What hidden dangers are lurking in your home? Find out in the New York Times best seller The Healthy Home. Written by USANA’s own internationally renowned founder Dr. Myron Wentz and CEO Dave Wentz, this revolutionary book takes you through each room of the house and identifies the toxins and potential dangers you didn’t even know existed.

The Healthy Home not only points out the hazards, but also offers healthy solutions and alternatives. Follow the simple steps outlined in this one-of-a-kind book and learn how to turn your home into a toxic-free safe haven.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:

  • Is your non-stick cookware poisoning you?
    Your non-stick pans can release toxic gases that are harmful to pets and humans when overheated. Maybe the extra scrubbing of a regular pan is worth it.

  • Has your living room become a dangerous dead zone?
    Comfy couches, snuggly throws, and riveting books can make the living room a great place to unwind. But your big-screen TV, sound system, video games, and other electronics can turn your living space into a dead zone. Switch from wireless to an Ethernet port and keep electronics unplugged when not in use.

  • Is your bathroom safe?
    Most bathrooms have more toxic chemicals than a garage. Without even knowing it you may be absorbing poisons from the bottles and tubes sitting on your shelf and in your shower. Read the labels and toss anything with aluminum, fluoride, or paraben preservatives.
  • Are you absorbing harmful chemicals while you sleep?
    Chemicals added to fabrics to enhance durability and wrinkle resistance have been linked to both reproductive and developmental toxicity, Switch to organic cotton bedding and rest easy.

With the help of The Healthy Home, you'll learn simple but effective changes you can start making today that will help you and your family reduce your toxic burden, circumvent the risks of the modern world, and live a healthier life.

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