USANA in China: Rewards for Referrals

USANA in China: Rewards for Referrals

You have to be a Chinese National Citizen to build a business with USANA in China, but you can still benefit from the lucrative bonus possibilities available to other USANA Associates. With the USANA Partnership Program, you will receive a residual bonus for every qualified person you refer to USANA in China who begins building a business.

The USANA Partnership Program is better than anything you’ve seen in the past—instead of a one-time bonus, you will receive an ongoing percentage of everything your referrals generate. Although you can’t add Chinese National Citizens to your own downline, you can still make residual income from the points they generate as they build their own businesses in China!

The USANA Partnership Program replaces the ISP program, and is superior in many ways:

  1. No rank restrictions—any USANA Associate may participate
  2. Participation is FREE!
  3. Residual bonus is based on points your referral generates in his/her business
  4. Plus, from January to March 2012, early adopters of the USANA Partnership Program will be rewarded with double referral bonus amounts!


Q. How much does it cost to enroll in the USANA in China Referral portion of the USANA Partnership Program?
A. Nothing. The USANA Partnership Program is free.

Q. How does the USANA in China Referral portion of the USANA Partnership Program work?
A. A percentage of income generated by Distributors building their businesses with USANA in China will be paid as a referral payment. The Associate who referred that Distributor to USANA in China (the “referrer”) will receive 75 percent of the referral payment. The other 25 percent of the referral payment will go to the “sponsor”—the referrer’s immediate upline member.

Q. How will referral bonuses be paid?
A. The referral bonus you receive will be will be tiered according to the amount of Group Sales Volume (GSV) generated by the combined sales volume of all your referrals building businesses with USANA in China.

Q. How do I refer someone to USANA in China?
A. Associates may begin referring Chinese National Citizens to USANA in China on the Online Enrollment page. Once the referral process in Online Enrollment is completed, a Referral Coupon with a unique number will be emailed by USANA to the person you referred. This coupon enables the company to know you referred the person and also allows your referral to attend a free training in China at one of BabyCare’s 23 branch offices to learn about USANA products and the opportunity in China.

Posted: 01/04/12